Hart of Dixie meme (by me and rachelbilsonn)

  • one season
  • favorite episode(s)
  • favorite outfit(s)
  • colors
  • otp
  • brotp(s) 
  • favorite place(s)
  • free choice

Note: What you decide to do with this meme, it’s completely your choice. If you can’t pick, for example, just one episode, it’s completely okay for you to do as many as you’d like. The same goes for the rest of the topics. You can also do this as a daily challenge, or do it whenever you feel like it. 

Don’t forget to tag your works #hodmeme, so everyone can check it out! 

Aaron : what do you know about Shakespeare?
Juliette: only that he stole my name and spelt it wrong
Aaron :
Shakespeare: honestly i came out here for a good time and i'm feeling so attacked right now

@cairusso : does water down ice coffee count as water too

There’s nothing worse than sleeping in makeup. You wake up looking like a painting that’s been left out in a rainstorm. -  Nina Dobrev

Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012) - Welcome to New York’s Upper East side where the wealthy and connected mingle at benefits and try to deal with their always dramatic love lives, not to mention picking colleges.


because modern day anne is my favourite and needs playlists and fanfics galore.